Mauricio Baiocchi - Director / Writer

With an animation and feature film resume spanning 24 credits and 15 years, Mauricio Baiocchi left the agency market in 2009 to focus on his love of puppetry and independent filmmaking. His resulting effort, Cicada Princess, has charmed audiences around the world with its fantastic universe of puppeted miniatures, whimsical and bittersweet narrative, and formidable technique. Narrated by Stephen Fry, the film has screened at prestigious Oscar-qualifying film festivals and won a Special Jury Award at the 2013 Aspen Shortsfest.

Mauricio began his career cutting his teeth in the animation department at Lucasfilm. He went on to supervise CG animation for Hollywood blockbusters including Hellboy, Sin City, Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Flight and Star Trek Into Darkness. He has also directed dozens of commercial projects for agencies worldwide and recently he worked with Matthew Barney on his art film epic River of Fundament.

Ray Gilberti - Director of Photography

Ray Gilberti's career as a cameraman began in 1980 at Lucasfilm. Since 1988, he has been the Effects Director of Photography on some of the most notable films of the last three decades including Star Wars Episodes I & II, Back to the Future II & III, Planet of the Apes, Pearl Harbor, The Mummy Returns, Space Cowboys, The Hulk, Joe Versus the Volcano, and many more. In 1993, Ray began working with Henry Selick (James and the Giant Peach, Nightmare Before Christmas) as a lighting and camera operator. In addition to his feature film work, Ray is also an accomplished Commercial Director of Photography. Ray and Mauricio have been working together since the early days of Cicada Princess.

Randy Gaul - Production Designer

In 1998, Randy Gaul joined Industrial Light & Magic as a concept designer. Prior to joining ILM, he worked for seven years as a freelance storyboard and concept artist for such companies as Wild Brain, MTV and Disney, specializing in creature and character designs as well as environments, costumes and props. Since joining ILM, Gaul has lent his visual eye and creative hands to such productions as Despicable Me, Rio, Peabody and Sherman, Madagascar 3, Penguins of Madagascar, Cicada Princess, Legend of Tembo, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Mummy Returns, Star Wars: Episode II “Attack of the Clones.” Madagascar 3, Peabody and Sherman: Rio, Despicable Me and many more. Zeke the Odd, the Next Great Maker is his latest co-written project in development.

Martin MacDonald - Art Director

Martin MacDonald has been building models and miniatures for as long as he can remember. His professional career spans 15 years, throughout which he has worked on a variety of projects for IBM, Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, and Dr. Pepper. Most recently, Martin was the production designer on the Apple iPad Air 2 “Reveal” spot, and he continues to contribute models to museums and collections worldwide. As a lead model maker on Cicada Princess, Martin worked closely with Mauricio to develop an aesthetic that was later brought to the trailer for Crickets Would Sing.

Robert E. Barnes - Sculptor

Robert E. Barnes is a character designer, illustrator and sculptor who got his start working on the Star Wars series in Doug Chiang’s art department at Lucasfilm. He later joined the team at Ice Blink Studios, Disney’s ImageMovers Digital, and has contributed designs and art direction to Charlotte’s Web, Spiderwick Chronicles, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol, Mars Needs Moms, and Yellow Submarine. Robert was the Art Director for the second half of Cicada Princess.

John Duncan - Lead Sets Builder

In his 26 year career as a professional model maker, John has worked on some of the most iconic films and in the most iconic shops of the last 3 decades. He has over 30 film credits including Star Wars Ep 1, 2 & 3, Star Trek First Contact, and Pirates of the Caribbean series. His experience includes 14 years at Industrial Light and Magic and 3 years as the head of the model shop at Disney's ImageMovers Digital.

Jesse Solomon Clark - Composer

Jesse is a composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist working in film, TV, physical installations, advertising, interactive games, animation and an ongoing series of concept albums. In addition to utilizing orchestra and production techniques, Clark is known for using a unique palette of idiosyncratic instruments such as Optigan, bowed vibraphone, prepared piano, and waterphone. Crickets Would Sing is Jesse's fourth film with Mauricio.

Jeremiah Moore - Sound Designer

Jeremiah designs, edits, and mixes sound for films and other projects at Jeremiah Moore Sound, his San Francisco studio. He has collaborated with filmmakers Ellen Bruno, Bob Talbot, Mark Shelley, John Korty, and Roman Coppola, artists Rene Yung, Su-Chen Hung and Bruce Odland, jazz trumpeter Derek Banach, and radio producers The Kitchen Sisters. His commercial clients include Nike, Microsoft, Toyota, Palm, AMD, SEGA, Levis, Adobe, Jawbone and Google. He recently performed a live mix of The Residents' seminal experimental album Eskimo in 100+ channel Meyer Constellation surround system at the Exploratorium's Kanbar Forum. His collaborative side company momentaudio designed and installed sound systems for Ai WeiWei's "@LARGE" on Alcatraz island. He freelances at Pixar on occasion.

Jenn Emberly - Animation Director

Jenn Emberly has over 25 years of experience in traditional and digital animation for major motion pictures. Her recent experience includes creatively overseeing the performance divisions at Atomic Fiction and Disney’s ImageMovers Digital. She managed artist-centric teams to realize stunning performances for feature films such as A Christmas Carol, Mars Needs Moms, and Robert Zemeckis’s remake of Yellow Submarine. An alumni of Industrial Light & Magic, Jenn served as Animation Director on films such as Peter Pan, War of the Worlds, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

Justin Kohn - Lead Animator

Justin Kohn has been involved with three-dimensional animated effects work since 1979. His animation film credits include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Robocop Two, James and the Giant Peach, Monkeybone, The Life Aquatic, Disaster the Movie, Coraline, and numerous other films, television shows, educational films and commercials.

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